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In Legacy Interview, Volume #1,--The Question of Type in the Bull Terrier 

Host Victoria Sottile talks with esteemed bull terrier breeder and judge, Winkie Mackay-Smith (Banbury-Bedrock) about the qualities associated with correct type and its variations in the breed.

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In Legacy Interview, Volume #2, Assessing Correct Shoulder Construction in the Bull Terrier

Host Victoria Sottile of Alaric Bull Terriers talks with the world famous proprietors of Magor Bull Terriers, Norma and  Gordon Smith about the anatomy and importance of a correct shoulder assembly.

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In Legacy Interview, Volume #3, Something to Sink Your Teeth Into-Dentition in the Bull Terrier

Host Victoria Sottile of Alaric Bull Terriers, speaks with Dr. Robert Myall about issues of dentition in the breed and suggests methods for breeding to correct those issues.

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In Legacy Interview, Volume #4, A Life In Bull Terriers: Talking with Cecil Mann

Host,  Victoria Sottile of  Alaric Bull Terriers speaks with the late, renowned bull terrier judge and breeder, Cecil Mann of Crestmere Bull Terriers about breed history, the standard and bull terrier traits.




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